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IV & Claridge Construction is proud of the projects we construct, and the strong relationships we build with our customers. The diversity of our projects reflect the diversity of our talent. Each project represents a great partnership. We start each of our projects with high expectations to provide a quality finished product to the owner. Our attention to detail throughout the project extends through our team and to all stakeholders. Our enthusiasm results in a high energy team that works to achieve our goal to construct the client's vision.


Industrial Clients

Evonik Corp


Mitsubishi Polysilicon

TMS International

Outokumpu Stainless USA

VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering

Commercial Clients

Comprehensive Pain Specialists

Spring Hill Baptist Church


Prism Systems

Mobile Museum of Art

Commercial Asset Preservation

Control Room Building
Railcar Loading Station Building
Electrical Substation Building
Electrical / Fiber Conduit Supply Pipe Rack
Substation Pipe Rack
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